The CD journey thus far…

I AM SO HAPPY WITH THE SWITCH! I seriously want to shout it from the rooftops, shake everyone while yelling “TRY CLOTH DIAPERING, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”
Ok, so maybe a tad dramatic but it really has changed my outlook on day to day life. In an odd way I feel like it has made me more aware of my surroundings, what I am putting in my body, what I am putting in and on Marleys body etc, it’s a good thing. This doesn’t mean that I am going to change into a crazy crunchy granola psycho, but for now I will consider myself consciously crunchy m’kay?

Now onto my thoughts on the products we have used.

For daytime use I have been using the FLIP One-Size Diaper System and I am thrilled with them so far! They consist of a waterproof cover that you place an absorbent liner into. The cover is one-size and adjusted by snaps, which is a major bonus because a lot of people find the snaps are easier and they wear better in the long run. I LOVE the covers! They are cute, fit well, do not leak (::knock on wood::)clean easily and are priced really well. Another bonus is that you can use these covers over any other fitted diaper, so I will give them a try once my shipment comes in.
Another love of this system is their Stay Dry Liner. Seriously, these things suck all the liquid right up and stay dry to the touch! All of the liquid is sucked to the bottom while the part that is against Marleys bum stays dry. Not only that, but they hold a surprising amount of pee, I’m talking a good 4 hours worth, if not more. Great product!
The only downside I have found with this system so far is their disposable inserts. They are not wide enough to lay fully in the cover, leaving the sides exposed for liquid to escape to. The cover still keeps it in, but not very comfy for poor Marley. I fixed the issue by layering 2 inserts to make them wide enough to cover and that worked well. Not something I would do on a normal basis though because then I am using two times the product. Not cool. Thank goodness I received the package of disposables as a free trial when I purchased the day pack of FLIPS because I would be annoyed at the waste of money.
All in all, I totally love these for day time use and would recommend them in a heartbeat.

My first purchases! 1 FLIP day pack (includes 2 covers and 6 liners), 1 package of FLIP disposable liners, 2 extra FLIP stay dry liners, 1 package of Bio-Liners (to make poop disposal easier, I highly recommend these!)

Ouside the package:

Marley in her FLIPs

For night time we have been using the BumGenius 3.0 Pocket Diaper and I have been SO happy with these as well. Marley generally sleeps 12+ hours at night ::ducks from flying tomatoes:: and she has not had a leak once in these. Pretty amazing right? I used the regular insert layered with the newborn (smaller insert) that is included with the diaper. I place the newborn insert closer to the front of the diaper since she is a tummy sleeper and most of the pee tends to collect there. The great thing about the pocket diapers is that if I wanted to I could add another regular sized insert (like the flip stay dry) for even more absorbency! Even though the diaper ends up being quite bulky Marley doesn’t seem to mind and it’s only for sleep so who cares what it looks like? Awesome.
I’ve used these during the day with just a regular insert and they have been great for then as well. The nice thing about the BumGenius products is that they are lined with a suede cloth which wicks moisture away from the bum, leaving them feeling very dry. So while these diapers are more expensive than most, I really think they are worth the extra money.

Hanging out in her BumGenius CDs

I am waiting on some other products I am excited to try out as well. I have some Thirsties Fab Fitteds, BumGenius All In Ones and MothersEase Sandies that I am going to test out. Who would have thought that I would be so excited and enthusiastic about diapers? It’s been a really fun adventure and I feel like I have learned so much and opened myself up to a whole new world and that makes me happy and excited.

* I was in no way compensated or given items for this review. All of the views/thoughts expressed are my own and based on personal experiences*

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  1. 1

    Katyp says

    thank you for this! We decided to try cloth diapers at night. Since I am a teacher I have summer to maybe make the transition. Thanks for all the info!

  2. 2

    Blushingbride says

    I have always wondered… what do you do with the dirty diapers? My MIL used cloth diapers on her kids and said she had to put them in a bucket with water and bleach, I think. I wonder if that has changed and if that was what you had to do with the old school diapers.

  3. 3

    Krystal says

    It's not reccomended to put them in a "wet" pail anymore with water. Apparently it's a drowning hazard. I've been using a regular white trash can with lid and a pail liner. I wash every other day so I havent had an issue with smells yet. Poopy diapers I rinse off in hot water and spray with baby oxyclean and toss into the pail. Everything else goes right in. I sprinkle baking powder into the bottom of the pail and rinse it out with bleach once a week.
    If I'm out and about I have a smaller wet bag (its like a pretty ziploc bag) that I put soiled stuff into that keeps the moisture inside the bag. No issues with that either.

  4. 4

    Christine says

    I'm so glad its going well. I've thought about changing over but I just haven't gotten the nerve up yet.

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