Please. Someone save me.

The following have happened to us in the last week:

– Marley somehow picked up a bacterial infection. It started around her mouth with little pimples and proceeded to spread to her tongue and exploded on her right hand. A scary looking red, swollen, blistered, infection filled grossness. After a few trips to the emergency room and our family Dr she was finally put on antibiotics and closely monitored. Fun times but she is on the mend.

– Said antibiotics wreaked havoc on Marley’s system and she proceeded to have explosive poops multiple times a day. Have I mentioned that we are cloth diapering? Ya, those liners can only contain so much poop before you have to get your hands dirty. More fun times. (On a side note: The combination of a Flip Diaper cover and Thirsties Fab Fitted diaper is bulletproof. Not a single leak.)

– 2 more teeth are poking through. Fever, sleepless nights and a very clingy baby. None of the usual remedies helped. That brings our tooth total to 7. The fun times keep coming.

– I have been working 2 nights a week and am quickly realizing how hard it is to juggle baby, husband and work. How do people do it with a full time job?

– Money and budgeting. No one likes that and I am fairly certain that money is the root of all evil and 99.9% of all arguments in a marriage.

– I’ve gained 5lbs. In 2 weeks. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I am 5’0, 5lbs looks like 10+ lbs on me. My clothes are uncomfortably snug and I have the worst self esteem right now. Hence, I am count calories and back on the 30 Day Shred. 30 days in June, coincidence? I think not.

You know what did make my week though? I finally received my shipment of Thirsties Fab Fitteds that I got on for 50% off! These diapers are amazing! They are SO absorbent and very comfortable. Marley went 14 hours in one last night and not a single leak! (Yes, Marley slept 14 hours last night. I am Blessed, I know.) These require a waterproof cover and I have been using the Thirsties Wrap and the Flip covers with no issues. Great stuff!

P.S. I’m working on something really exciting for my faithful readers. Check back soon for more details. =0)

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  1. 3

    fabulouslyunfabulous says

    Geez… you have had a rough week. I hope it starts to get better soon! We went through the antibiotic/diaper rash thing last week… it was the worst. The A&D ointment and lots of naked time helped to clear it up pretty quickly though!

  2. 4

    Jaymie says

    Thats a tease!!!! Something exciting! What could it be! Sorry about the rough week babe! We cant wait to visit! 38 days! xox

  3. 5

    Blushingbride says

    Oh my!! Poor Marley and poor Momma! That is a rough week. Heres to hoping that next week is better for you.

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