Step Into My Office

My swanky, pretty NEW office! Isn’t my blog SOOOOO pretty?!?
Becca at Jumping Jax Designs has done a great job and is a dream to work with and her prices are great. If you are looking for a new look, I highly recommend her. I love the design so much, and it suits Marley and I perfectly.
There are still a few things that need to be tweaked here and there, so hang in with us as we perfect my new surroundings.
In other news: I have not heard back from the winner from the H2O Plus review and giveaway, so I went to and drew another name. Congratulations to JSC123! I have sent you a email and a tweet, please respond within 48 hours.

Anywho. I am at the cottage, and it’s amazing. Cozy, fun and very relaxing. Marley has had 2 teeth break through and surprisingly it was pretty uneventful. She has been a little more clingy and whiny, but nothing too crazy. All very exciting stuff. We are going for a long boat ride to check out the multi-million “cottages” and homes on the lake, aka wishful thinking. Must be nice.

Andplusalso? It rained like a mo-fo yesterday afternoon and I had my Flip diapers and Thirsties Fab Fitteds out on the line to dry. No clean, dry diapers in the cottage. Ya. I’m THAT idiot. “Look at me! I can cloth diaper for a whole 10 days without a proper washer and dryer.” I.AM.A.DUMBASS.
The washing part is totally fine, and so would the drying part, except I didn’t think about rain. We aren’t exactly around the corner from a store that has diapers of any kind either. So what do I do? I turn the oven on and dry my diapers in there. Very carefully.
Ok, I *may* have singed one a little. It just looks a little toasted, that’s all. It still does the job.
Again: I am a dumbass.

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  1. 1

    Becca says

    Aw thank you so much! I had so much fun doing it & I love how bright & fresh it turned out! :)

    Have fun at the cottage! You are braver than me to cloth diaper on vacay…TOTAL bummer about the rain! I have no idea what I would do, lol.

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