Myrtle Beach Vacation Pictures!

Hey everyone! I’M HOME!

I had a fantastic vacation with the family, we had amazing weather and it was so much fun. That is, aside from Marley getting 2 molars and waking up at 2am every night. Let’s just say that Jay and I had way too many walks on the beach at 2 am than I would like to say. We did survive though and as the weeks went by she seemed to get better. Wahoo!

We had a 17 hour drive down, and the plan was to do it all in one shot, with no stops except to pee and get gas. Mission accomplished! We left at 7pm because it is Marley’s bedtime and she slept the whole way down except for a couple hours in the morning! I couldnt be happier, I was so nervous about how Marley would handle being confined in her car seat for that long. I can’t praise the Britax Marathon enough! No flopping forward while sleeping and she was so comfy the whole time. I will do a bit more of a write up about the trip later, but I am dead tired and have a million loads of laundry to do. For now, here is a picture overload for you all!

Keeping entertained in the car

Playing in the pool with Popa

Bathing Beauty

She LOVED playing with buckets full of water.

Nothing better than line drying CD’s on the beach

My favorite shot of the trip. Marley and Daddy

Family shot. Nice tanlines eh?

Marley got a doll stroller for her Birthday. She is in love.

As soon as I unbuckle her from the carseat she twists herself out and stands up like this.

I cant explain how much she loves the beach and the ocean.

Birthday cake


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    Alena says

    Looks like a great time!! I can't wait to see Sophia's reaction to the beach in a couple of weeks! I hope she loves it as much as Marley does!

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