Changing the face of car seat safety

Like any other parent out there, I have always considered myself to be dedicated to keeping my child as safe as possible. I did research, talked to friends, consulted my Dr, and I thought I was doing a top notch job. That is, until, I started a new position at a local children’s boutique that specialized in car seats and is very passionate about car seat safety. I went though some very intensive training, met manufacturers, watched crash test videos, spoke to customers with amazing (and scary) stories, and learned the cold hard facts. I was blown away by how much information was out there, and how little of it I had been told or had heard before this training. Why was this info not more readily available? Why was no one shouting it from the rooftops and posting billboards about it?

The first few days after my training I came home in a complete daze and rattled off a bunch of statistics and information to Jay, who was as shocked as I was that this was not all common knowledge. I was shocked to find that I had made some decisions for Marley, that were not necessarily in her best interest. I was upset that more people did not have a grasp on how important car seat safety was, and that there are many options out there. I quickly realized that the “norm” was the bare minimum requirements, and most people did not bother to look beyond those. I knew this as a fact, because I was one of those people.

I found myself becoming more and more passionate about education people on the importance of car seat safety, ranging from infants in bucket seats, to children in booster seats. The more I talked to customers and informed them, the more I realized that people we not just being ignorant, they just did not know better because no one really talks about it. The internet can be a scary place to look up information regarding such a broad topic, and most people don’t bother and just do what everyone else does. Is that a bad thing? No. One thing I have learned while diving headfirst into this world is that it’s not about scolding, shunning or taking shots at people. The information is out there, if you know where to look for it. This is about changing the way people look at, and think about car seat safety in general.

I want to share my knowledge with you and provide a place for people to refer to in the future. If I can help even one person make a safer decision for their child, then I will be happy. What you’ll find here is an objective, informative look at topics ranging from rear facing, booster seats, proper fit and installation and choosing the best seat for your child, by an expert, and mother, passionate about protecting her child, and yours. Please make sure you check back in, share the links with a friend, and look for me on Twitter.









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    Jaymie says

    Your an awesome role model for other mothers and I am so happy to see someone so passionate about educating people on this!

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