The Terrible Two’s Are…… Terrible.

The last few weeks in my house have looked something like an episode of Super Nanny. I hang my head in shame even writing that, and I am positive it’s not as bad as I feel it is, but SERIOUSLY, my two year old daughter is going to be the death of me.

Let’s get one thing straight here: I love her dearly, would do anything for her and I thank everything that I am lucky enough to have her.


The girl is feisty, independent, strong willed and downright stubborn. No, I do not know where she inherited those personality traits from *ahem*, but they are shining bright and boldly lately. I have to beg and plead with her to get anything done, fool her into thinking it was her idea, distract her with food, and stick her into time-out multiple times a day. It’s almost like having another husband. (I’M KIDDING).

But seriously, this too shall pass, right? We have a lot going on, and she is testing her limits. Christmas prep, daily life, potty training (more on THAT latter, oy.), being sick. But I will take some responsibility, in the past we have been quite easy on her and let her get away with too much. Sometimes giving in makes that moment happier, easier, tantrum free etc. but believe me, we are paying the price for that now.

I have started to absolutely dread taking her anywhere in public. Talk about sending Mummy’s anxiety skyrocketing. Sometimes she is great, sweet, funny, well behaved and listens. Other times she will take off running, throw herself to the ground, scream, cry, flop around like a fish out of water etc. It’s FUN. I can feel that cold sweat break out on my skin, my heart pounding, my breathing quickening. Oh my God. That’s MY kid and everyone is looking at me thinking I am the worst teenage mother ever. (honestly, people think I am like 16 so I get pity looks and questions all.the.time.).

First, I try to reason with her and calmly explain what’s up. If that doesn’t work, I let her finish her temper tantrum. Then I will talk to her again, and try to distract her with something else, (‘Marley, look at the pretty lights over there.” etc). Sometimes, I have to give in, pick her up and carry a screaming, thrashing toddler out of the store/playground/house/restaurant like a football. We have ALL done that before, right? The football, under the arm thing? Believe me there have been plenty of times where I am all: OHMYGODWHYDONTTHEYSERVEXANAXANDWINEATTHEMALLSOMEONEHELPME? But I manage to get through it. (kudos if you managed to read that)

Everyone I speak to who has children say the same thing: “They ALL go through this.”, my Mother gleefully laughs and tells me it’s payback for me being such a terror as a toddler. The best thing I have had so far though; a woman came up to me at the mall the other day. Marley was on the floor crying and I was watching, letting her get it out and allowing both of us to chill. She put her hand on my shoulder and said this: “You are doing an amazing job as a mother. This behavior at this age is normal. You are doing great, hang in, we have all been there.” Seriously. I wanted to hug her. Then I read this post, and I laughed until my stomach hurt.

So my game plan right now is to survive this. I will not be a prisoner in my house because of this phase, but I will also not go crazy trying to drag her places. That’s not fair to Marley either, some of this is just a traumatic for her. I will enforce the rules, and remove us from crappy situations, but she will never learn if I keep her cooped up in the house all the time. I mean, there isn’t some camp/program I can send my two year old to train her, is there? I shall Google.







sort of.


I left her alone for two minutes....

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  1. 1

    Ashley says

    Awww, I think you are doing an awesome job :) and it is totally normal, I love when people have courage to come up to you and say good job and that it is normal… I have had people say it to me and it makes you feel better as a mother :p

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