In which I am a genius

I have enough jewlery to choke a horse. You know, if you ever needed to do such a thing… Ok. Bad visual, but what I am trying to explain is that I have a ton of really fun, cute, and meaningful jewlery. All of which have been sitting in a tangled massive lump on my dresser since we moved. Every once in a while I get ambitious and spend a few minutes trying to save a necklace and complete my outfit, but alas, I have been lazy and at a loss on how to effictively organize and display my accessories.

Once upon a time I was the woman who was always complimented on my fun accessories, and I relied on them to turn a relatively simple outfit into something a little more interesting and pulled together. I want that woman back, darn it. So on a recent trip to IKEA with a friend, I spotted the most amazing solution to my problem: THIS and THESE were promptly hung in my bathroom. BOOM. My fashion life (and organizational OCD) are forever changed.

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