Tangled, indeed.

If your daughter is anything like mine, chances are you too have approximately 736 new dolls (and their ity bity accessories) underfoot ever since Christmas. It’s seriously baby/princess-paloza up in here and Marley can’t get enough. She has 2 (or 3 depending on her mood), that she sleeps with, 1 that she takes for walks in the stroller, 2 for the car and a handful to feed, dance with, talk to, read to and spend her time with. You think I am kidding?

Exhibit A:


She’s reading to them. Yes, I know. You may die now.

Anywho, if you are experiencing (or an old pro) with the doll take over, you are also familliar with that moment where you realize how horrible and ratty the dolls look. Particularly the brand new Disney princess who just so happens to have SO MUCH HAIR. This one also happens to be Marley’s ohmygodabsoluetfavorite, so it is dragged everywhere. I have tried to brush it, but it becomes such an insane rats nest of synthetic fiber mess that I was at a loss. Marley was upset that Princess was looking like a hot mess, and NOT princess-y enough.

I had a stroke of genius, and I am going to share with you the secret of taming the doll hair. Ready for this? FABRIC SOFTENER! You see, just as I was cursing those doll makers for using crappy, synthetic hair (becuause I seriously own the holy grail of hair products), it hit me. Fabric softner would work beautifully on this.

So I gathered all of her dolls, a tiny spray bottle filled with fabric softener, a brush and a few clear elastics. A couple sprays of fabric softener onto the dolls hair, just enough to comb through, and it’s like SILK. You don’t have to soak the head or anything, just mist lightly. BOOM. Silky, tangle free, yummy smelling Princess hair. I took it one step further and gave Rapunzel the fancy braid she has in the movie (divide all of her hair into three sections. Braid each section, so you have 3 separate braids. Braid those three braids together.), and was deemed MOM OF THE YEAR.

I went on a bit of a binge and fixed up every doll, after Marley demanded pretty braids for them all. Easy peasy. Now go save some dolls!

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  1. 1

    Leticia says

    Holy cow this is genius! I feel the same way but wasnt sure what I was going to do. I will be working on this Thurs.!


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