Meet Me In Florida…


whew. Two weeks away is a long freaking time, but it was amazing. Like I had previously mentioned, I was completely unplugged (ok, I posted a bunch of pics on Instagram), and it was refreshing. There were days a time where I had  no idea where my iPhone was.

I KNOW. That in itself is a major feat.

It was nice. Family, beach, pool, sun. Glorious.

And then, there was Disney World. Sure, it sounds like a great idea at the time. Make your child’s dreams come true, frolic with Mickey and Princesses, swirl around in over sized tea cups, leisurely stroll around as a family while you smile so much your face wants to fall off. I’m sure this is all possible, you know, when you do your homework and don’t plan your trip on the SECOND BUSIEST DAY OF THE YEAR. Literally. No joke. Every single ride had a line up and wait time of at least 90 minutes. I went on one ride (Space Mountain FTW).

Anxiety, panic attack central. Five gazillion people. Over 90 degrees of heat. A two and a half year old.

Shoot me in the face. Did I mention that they do not serve alcohol ANYWHERE in Disney World? Nowhere. Not a single place.

We waited in line for over 2 hours to meet Princess Rapunzel from Tangled (Marley’s absolute favorite), and this moment, made the day, and my entire life.

If you need me, I’ll be 6 feet under because I’m dead from the cute.

Overall, we managed to have a lot of fun, Jason and I made fun of all the stressed out couples who were yelling at each other. We made a pact from the very beginning that we would NOT end up being those people. Mission accomplished.

Our first week was spent with my Mum, Stepdad, two brothers, my mother in law and father in law. Sounds like a lot, but it was awesome. I have a really really great relationship with my in laws, and Marley absolutely adores them. Our second week, we said goodbye to my in laws and my sister and her boyfriend came to join us. We had some good dinners, splashed in the pool, played cards, went for walks, did some shopping (I am a Target addict), parked my butt on the beach and hung out.

It has become incredibly clear that Marley is a little sun goddess in the making. She loves the pool, the splash pad, wasn’t so sure about the lazy river though. The beach? The beach and Marley are BFF’s. She had a blast playing in the sand, flying a kite and braving the waves with Daddy. She would run her cute little bum around in the sand, collapse into her stroller for a nap in the sun, wake up and jump right back into the beach life. You should see the girl’s tan lines and beach blonde hair, I am scared for her teenage years…

Spending all this time with my family reminded me to be thankful for my life, made me appreciate all the good things. Life is good and it’s time I started focusing on the good, positive things, instead of freaking out abut the smaller, negative things. For example; we came home to find that Jason’s parents had not only brought us our mail, but had come over and cleaned our house from top to bottom. Like scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees clean. I? am a lucky woman.

And now, the picture vomit explosion.

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  1. 1

    Tanya @muddero7 says

    Adore the pic with cutest bum & tanlines :)
    Also, we found alcohol!! There was a bar to left of last turn to right in Animal kingdom! And at MGM a couple of kiosks sold drinks. And restaurants. Has this changed. Was there 5 yrs ago. Glad you some relax times. Disney sucks when busy. IE spring break! We went end of September. It was grand. No lineups at all!!

  2. 4


    Looks like you had an absolute blast with your family. I’m American and have still never been to Disney. I hope to do it in the next few years with my boys. Love the pictures of your sweet little girl!

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