I Have a Cupcake Addiction

No, really. I do, and I am coming forth with it.

You see, the problem really became an isse when this amazing little cupcake store opened up 2 blocks away from me, Cupids Cupcakes. As in they are within walking distance, or if I’m feeling lazier than usual, I could drive there. (yes, I may have done that before, don’t judge me too harshly. You would do it too.)


So yah…

Now that it is summer-ish time here, and we are constantly playing at the park, it just makes logical sense to walk the extra block and stuff  my face with cupcakes. That IS smart, right? I feel like I am practically keeping this place in business, as they regularly greet me now, and know Marley by sight. Oh yes, I am passing the addiction on to my little one, the poor innocent soul. It’s practically forced upon me when I walk into the store and see the tiny little Marley-sized cupcakes they also make. I mean, that’s logical as well. I would be the meanest Mummy ever if I denied her the beautiful, yummy, moist, sweet, finger-licking-good cupcakes.


So, uh, cheers to cupcakes, and me not gaining 20lbs this summer!


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