A Recent Rundown

Have I mentioned how busy summer is? I feel horrible that I have hardly shared the going-ons of our life, so here is a recap of our life lately.

  • We have been a 100% soother free household for over a week now. There have been ups and downs, but it has been amazing not to have to worry about having 5 extra ones on hand in case of a meltdown.
  • We are moving into our new house in exactly 36 days. I have not packed a single thing, but I have de-cluttered a TON. Cue the anxiety attack.
  • I leave for BlogHer in exactly 5 days and I can NOT wait.
  • Marley and I spent this last weekend with my Aunt at the family cottage. She is doing really well and goes for a (hopefully all clear on the cancer) check up at the beginning of August.
  • My Uncle is not doing so well. I fear that he will not be with us for much longer and it absolutely scares the crap out of me.
  • Marley is a full fledged cottage baby. She loves the lake and playing outside in all the goodness there. True story: she was rolling around in the dirt and trees so much that I literally had to hose her down on the deck.
  • I may lose my mind if Nacho (our Chihuahua) does not get the ‘pee outside’ thing.
  • We are slowly switching to a mostly vegetarian diet. Watch ‘Forks Over Knives‘ and it will change you. I am posting more about it soon.
  • We have gotten rid of 95% of our household cleaners and traditional laundry care. I am using Norwex products, Method products and DIY, natural cleaning solutions on everything. I am shocked at how much better they work, and how much better I feel about how we are treating ourselves and mother earth. I’ll be posting more on this as well.
  • I am just getting over a sinus infection and a double ear infection which resulted in one ruptured ear drum. Just as fun as it sounds.
  • Marley has a new fear of ‘monsters’ in her bedroom. I have no idea where it came from, but I feel horrible for her.
  • It has been stupid hot here (105 with the humidity!).
  • Marley is now forward facing in her car seat. I am still trying to get used to her being so exposed, but it was time to make the switch for us. I still fully endorse extended rear facing. Read more about why HERE
  • We discovered that while Marley loves the water, she hates swimming lessons.
  • I will be signing Marley up for either ballet or tumbling classes this fall. Excuse me while I die of cute.
  • Marley also starts preschool at the beginning of September. How did this even happen?
  • I have already started to plan Marley’s 3rd (*sob*) birthday party for September 15. She has requested a fairy party and I have a Pinterest board dedicated to the fun things I am planning.
  • I started a Facebook page for this little blog a while back, please feel free to go over and ‘like’ me HERE.
  • I am drinking at least a gallon of water a day, which means many pee breaks. I am well versed in the good public bathrooms in my area.
  • I just joined Goodreads, I am a huge book nerd and this is perfect for keeping track of the books I want to read. Find me here.

Well. If that wasn’t a information overload, I don’t know what is. Do you feel a little more caught up on our life? I hope so. Here are some pictures, for good measure.






^ she’s sleeping, on the boat. ^


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    Your daughter is darling! Anyone who wears diamonds in the bathtub clearly has her head in the game!
    I found your blog on the Faces Blog Hop. Have fun in NYC!

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