Review and Giveaway: Skip Hop Zoo Pack and Lunchies (canada only!)

I don’t know if anyone remembers this post, the one about me losing my purse, only to have it replaced with a cute Skip Hop Zoo backpack? Well, I am happy to report that I have regained my own purse back (thank you potty training!), and Marley is now properly obsessed with carrying around this bag herself. You see, she has reached the stage where she is completely fascinated with anything that makes her a ‘big kid’ or like her older cousins. She is jabbering on about school, and seems really excited to start in a month, and is quite insistent on wearing her backpack now and carrying ALL THE THINGS inside of it.

That bag? Currently stuffed full of Legos.

I love this pack because it is the perfect size for a preschooler, not gargantuan sized on her tiny back, yet large enough that I can fit a change of clothes, a towel, sippy cup, snacks and a couple toys inside of it. On top of that, there is a super convenient front pocket, that I can use to throw my keys/wallet/cell etc inside as well. We went on a trip to the Ontario Science Center last week, and instead of having my own purse and a bag for Marley’s assorted items, I threw everything into the Zoo Pack, and off we went. Marley could wear it for kicks, and when she got tired of that I rocked that owl bag myself, because I am just that cool.

On top of the backpack, I also bought the Lunchies to use as a way to keep snacks and medicines cool while we were out for the day. The Lunchie does fit perfectly inside the backpack, but takes up most of the room. It has a easy to carry handle that I have actually just clipped to the backpack handle for travel. The bag is insulated and does keep things cool for a while, AND it has a handy mesh pocket to throw loose items in. This has quickly become another beach favorite and Marley gets kicks out of having her own lunch bag, packed especially for her.

I am really happy with the overall quality and design of these products, and recommend them to all of my friends with toddlers. Marley is already going on about how she is ready for school with her backpack and lunch box, “Just like when Daddy goes to work!”. There are some crazy cute designs to choose from, ranging form a dinosaur, ladybug, fox and giraffe. I mean come on, LOOK at this thing:

I purchased these items on my own quite a while ago, but the LOVELY people at Snugglebugz have offered to give a backpack and lunchie set to a lucky Canadian reader of mine! Woo hoo! Sorry to my American friends, but I will make it up to you. There are a few ways to enter, so make sure you do so below. OPEN TO CANADIAN RESIDENTS ONLY PLEASE!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. 4


    I’d totally choose the owl or the penguin because they’re just so freaking adorable! P.S. You do rock that owl backpack!!! Oh, and Marley is so cute!!!

  2. 9

    Abby says

    My little girl is starting daycare in September and this is just the thing to help make the transition a bit more bearable (for the both of us). :)

  3. 18

    Cathie says

    Love these! The Owl and the Fox and the Dog are so sweet! Ok so are the bee, the hippo, the frog, the penguin, etc, etc, etc… ;-)

  4. 20

    Kristy says

    I think they are all so cute! My favourites are the dog, giraffe, penguin, dinosaur and zebra! Little man starts pre-school in September and I’m sure any of the Skip Hog bags would look cute on him. =)

  5. 40

    Lauren A. says

    I recently got a pack for my guy that comes with a tether so he can be more independent without me worrying he’ll run off, but it holds very little (especially since he’s in cloth diapers) so this looks like a definite plus for when he’s a bit bigger! Giraffe all the way!

  6. 46

    Catherine says

    I already have the dog backpack but it was a hard choice because I loved the monkey as well. It is a great little pack and it is the perfect size for my toddler and he uses it to pack for overnights with Nana.

  7. 59

    Natalie says

    Would love one for my 2 year old….just like Marley, she’s obsessed with being a “big girl” these days!

  8. 62

    Kristin R says

    I have been eyeing up the owl backpack for a while! I bought the owl stuffie and stroller toy and my daughter loves them. So cute!

  9. 63

    Charmie says

    My 10 month old son is heading off to daycare for the first time in 2 weeks when I go back to work. We went shopping for all his “supplies” today and he went bananas over the doggie backpack! He loves to play with his ears and kiss the doggie’s nose…too cute :)

  10. 66

    Cara says

    I would choose the bee pack :)My lo is obsessed with the bee movie and would go craaazy! Thanks for he great giveaway :)

  11. 75

    Beatriz Bailey says

    My little girl would love the ladybug!! Too cute and so ready to start school “I’m bigger now, you said I’m bigger” lol


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