The Santa Clause Parade Made me Cry

Hey! I’m alive and doing well, still working on growing a new human and running after the little one. Is it just me, or does end of November/beginning of December kind of feel like a energy suck? I’m desperately, and a tad compulsively, trying to get most of my Christmas things done ASAP, in order to save my own sanity.

That makes sense, right? Run around like a maniac now so I don’t have to do it later. Right, Krystal. *sigh* So I should probably chill out. Actually, I have to, doctors orders! At my last two checkups my iron and blood pressure have been pretty low, no shocker on the iron; that’s normal for me. Overall I’ve been feeling kind of blah lately, either desperately lazy, or spinning like a maniac and I’m really trying to keep that in check and chill the freak out.

SO. On that note, we decided to take Marley to her first ever Santa Clause Parade this past weekend! (I know, she’s 3 and it’s her first one? Lets get one thing straight: Aka I’m the best Canadian ever!). The local parade is held at night time, and is completely lit up, which makes it extra magical, and cold.

So we layered up (long johns, leggings AND jeans!), stuffed my growing belly into my winter coat, got some hot chocolate and got our prime seats to watch the parade. The wind was unfreakingbelievable cold, I was positive my nose was going to fall off, but I didn’t complain. Why? Because of this:



This year is the first Christmas that Marley is aware of the fun and magic, and she is beyond excited and captivated by all things Santa Clause. He face the first time she saw a float come down the street? Priceless. She was jumping with excitement, her eyes wide and glowing, a big smile on her little face. Oh my heart, I took one look at the pure, innocent love and joy in her face and immediately starting crying.

I blame the hormones.

But really? That moment was so incredible to watch, to see all of this Christmas magic again through the eyes of a toddler is a real gift and it jolted me to the core. I was so choked up, so moved by her happiness that I could do nothing but wave back at the people going by us in their beautifully decorated creations, and squeeze my little family.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of this Christmas season brings, start traditions, baking goodies, hug my family, eat myself silly, surround myself with good people that I love. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

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