It’s a boy!

My ultrasound went amazing, everything is looking great, healthy and BIG! Baby is still measuring on the big side, but thats ok! We recieved the confirmation we were looking for at this weeks ultrasound: it’s a boy! *throws blue confetti everywhee*

So. Uh.

What do I do with a boy? I have a gazillion pink, girlie things. Jason groaned a bit because now I get to hunt for awesome boy stuff and sell/donate Marley’s old things. I’m so stoked to track down every old-man-looking ensemble I can find.

Argyle sweaters? Yep. Cardigans with elbow patches? YES. button down shirts? Sign me up. Suspenders? Excuse me while I pass out. Granted, it’s much easier to find cute AND affordable girl clothes, I’ll just take it as a personal mission to find the cute boy stuff. I’ve made the conscious decision to buy most of his clothing on consignment or thrifting, it’s crazy cakes how cheap you can get some things.

As far as names go, we are pretty settled on one now. Jason had one he loved and was so set on, but I was not having it (no, I’m not saying, I don’t want to offend anyone.), so we have been making lists. The name is the one thing I will be keeping a secret until the little guy makes his debut, have to have something!

I’m so so so excited to have a little man around, I’m dying to see if he will be a little mini Jason (be still, my heart), or if this one will look more like me. I can’t wait for the magical mummy-Son bond that my friends speak of. It’s going to be so cool to see the dynamic between him and Marley, and him and Jason. I’m just so…. HAPPY!!

Thanks to everyone who has sent messages, tweets and Facebook comments, means the world to us.

And now? The best ultrasound picture ever; my boy flexing his muscles:


How CRAZY is that picture? You can see his spine, ribs, shoulder, arms, fist, head, ears. So cool.

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    Anna says

    Congrats to you two ! Now that’s re-confirmed it’s that much more exciting. All the best to you in the remaining months , can’t wait to meet the little guy

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