Pregnancy Weight Gain

Yup, I’m going to go there.

*deep breath*

It’s hard to figure out exactly how I feel about weight gain while pregnant. I mean, it’s for a good cause, right? My body is growing and making room for another human. That’s no small feat, people. I’ve never really been one to worry too much about my weight, I go more by how my clothes fit and how I feel, rather than a number on a scale. Being so short though, a couple pounds can really make a big difference in the way I look, and that was hard to adjust to while I was pregnant with Marley. She was almost 9 pounds at birth though, so that made a lot of it seem OK. Plus, it’s mostly gone to my boobs so far, so that can’t be a bad thing, right?


That being said, it’s a hard pill to swallow when you go to your monthly prenatal appointment and are told that you have gained 6 POUNDS in the last month.

First I laugh it off, and say ‘oh GOOD!’, as sarcastically as possible.

Then I ask, ‘Is that too much? Seems like a lot…’, with some nervous laughter, hoping my Dr will reassure me that it’s ok. DEAR GOD, PLEASE REASSURE ME IT’S OK.

My Doctor looked at me and said that since I hadn’t really gained much up until this point, he’s not concerned. Am I eating well? Am I somewhat active? As long as it doesn’t continue at that rate for the rest of the pregnancy, I am just fine. But how do I do that, without driving myself crazy? I had recently begun to feel like I wasn’t eating enough, since my appetite seems to be waning already. Apparently, not so much.

I’m not planning on having any unhealthy expectations as far as my weight gain goes, I know that with the birth of the baby, some dedication and work, that weight will come off relatively easily. Or at least it did last time. By no means do I want to put unrealistic goals or numbers in my mind, and end up stressed out about it. As a society, we put way too many expectations on new moms, to shed the weight quickly, and I do not intend to feed into that. My plan has, and always will be, to be mindful of how I am feeding my body and this baby, and to leave it at that. Make sure I am getting my veggies and fruits in, drinking enough water (something I am horrible at), and getting even the smallest amount of exercise in. Pretty basic, right? Tell that to me while I am hovering over 4 separate Christmas dinners and yummy Christmas baking treats.

If I stop thinking about that 6 POUNDS echoing in my head, (a la The Sand Lot. ‘Forever’.), I am feeling pretty great. I don’t feel like I am gaining weight really, as my clothes are still fitting and I’m able to wear some of my regular jeans with a Bella Band still. That’s impressive! Jason certainly doesn’t seem to think I look anything but amazing (awwww). So rather than freak out, I’m just going to be more mindful of what is going into my body and when.

Ok. Promise to be more mindful after Christmas dinners are all done. What good is it to be pregnant over Christmas if you can’t properly enjoy it?

How did you feel about weight gain while pregnant?

 21 weeks pregnant


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    With my first pregnancy, I went crazy. With my second, I exercised regularly, watched what I put in my mouth (most of the time) and only ended up gaining about 15lbs. I was in such better shape and felt the pregnancy was much easier with exercise.

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    amy says

    Nothing wrong with going there. With my boy, i started off gaining a bit too much. When it came to light that i was once again teetering near gestational diabetes; i simply cut out the candy and cinnamon rolls and that set me back to a healthy weight gain. When i mentioned it on facebook, i was scolded, “pregnancy is not the time to watch your weight”. I say thats bullsh*t. Look how unhealthy our country is! We should always watch what e eat; not obsess about it but be mindful. You look beautiful though! 6# weight gain orange not. PS- i thought Canada used the metric system? ;) 2 and a half kilos doesnt sound like much!

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    I struggle with the numbers. I should’t but I do. I know I should be grateful for my current appearance and the numbers shouldn’t matter, but they do. Everything i so different the 2nd time through, that I have fears that it won’t come off as easy as it did last time. If I could exercise more this time, then maybe the guilt wouldn’t be so bad.

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