Mexico Vacation Time!

We are outta here, as of 6am on Tuesday morning. Wahoo! I have been packing and organizing like a fool, and then I realize that maybe I should figure out what *I* am going to wear all week…? *looks down at huge belly* yup. Haven’t thought that one through too well. So I tried to look through my maternity clothes from my pregnancy with Marley, I mean I was pregnant all summer, and wouldn’t you know it: NOTHING. Like, what did I wear the entire time? So I took a deep breath and pulled out some of my regular skirts and shorts, hoping that maybe I could get away with those with a Bella Band. You know what? Not nearly as depressing as I thought! I comfortably fit into a few pairs of shorts, and some of my maxi skirts are perfect. Thank you very much, hello ego boost. I made a trip to Old Navy and picked up a few basic maternity tank tops and am ready to go.

Oh, and I bought a bikini that will hold in these out of control boobs. Yes. A bikini.

Why not, right? I do have a couple tankini’s from last time I was pregnant, that are perfect, but I have no issue flaunting my bare belly in a bikini. Trust me, there are regular looking men and women that will be on the beach with me that are much worse for the wear. Plus, I’m sure the babe will enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Now, will I post pictures of myself in said bikini? That’s another story, let’s see how those photos turn out.

Marley is super duper excited, although I’m not sure that she entirely gets it. Jason is one of those people that doesn’t really get excited until we are sitting in the airport, waiting to take off. I, on the other hand, am crazy excited for some warmth and sunshine. For someone who was born and raised in Canada, I hate hate hate the cold, so this is like a piece of heaven for me. Heat does not bother me in the least, bring it on.

On a really exciting side note, the day I come back is January 15th, and I have been asked to be a expert panelist for the #myGreenBaby Twitter party! I am so honored and excited to share my knowledge. If you are on Twitter, or are interested at all in cloth diapers, I urge you to sign up and join the fun. There are some really exciting prizes, other great experts and amazing brands taking part in this event. To RSVP for the party, please go here: and to get updates and reminders on Facebook, please go here: I hope to see some familiar faces, and am looking forward to having some fun!

Oh, and heres a photo of Marley passed out while waiting for her finger and toe nail polish to dry. I mean…


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