Sick Season Sucks: Boogie Wipes Giveaway!

If your winter has been anything like ours, and a majority of the people I have spoken to, you know how bad this cold season has been. Horrible.

I feel like Marley hasn’t been 100% healthy for longer than a 2 week period in the last 6 months, before she comes down with a new ailment. Between her starting preschool this year (which we all know is germ city, no matter how much money you are paying them and how fantastic they are.), and the overwhelming amount of sickness that has been floating around our town, it’s been a very sick year.


The worst, and one of my biggest pet peeves? A runny nose. It looks gross, is so unsanitary, and that snot is just begging for a alternate vehicle to mingle with your body. Most germs are transmitted via saliva and other body fluids, like snot, so you better believe I steer us clear of that situation. Not just for our benefit, but for those around us as well.

Back when Marley was 6 months old, we visited Florida for a family vacation and it was there that I discovered Boogie Wipes. I spotted them in a shelf in target, read the label about being a saline wipe for dirty noses and decided right there that I had to try them. It only took a few uses before I knew I was hooked and had found one of those rare mommy miracle products that you want to tell everyone about. Before we came home I stocked my suitcase up with a bunch of packages of Boogie Wipes and declared myself a convert: no more pinning my child down to wipe her nose with a scratchy, irritating Kleenex.


Since coming home armed full of Boogie Wipes, I have done nothing but fall deeper in love with them. They are gentle but insanely efficient and completely non-irritating. At any given time I will have a package in my purse, a canister and package in my car, an multiple dispensers throughout the house. Marley will even ask for them by name when her nose is runny or he just wants to clean her face, and is not impressed if she is forced to use a Kleenex. I even had to buy a package to stash in her backpack for school, because they work so well for her.


This is a product that I truly love, one I tell all my mom friends about and one I convinced a local store to start carrying. They are not just like a baby wipe, and that is hard to explain, until you use one on a crusty, irritated little nose. They clean that mess up beautifully, efficiently and harmlessly, and we all know that’s part of the battle with a yucky cold.

After tweeting, instagram-ing and Facebook-ing my love and recommendations for Boogie Wipes, they graciously reached out to me to thank me for the support and to offer to host a giveaway for my readers. Of course I jumped on it, and was more excited than most people would be to get a package in the mail from them that included enough Boogie Wipes to get us trough a few more colds and toddler messes. In order to share the love, or introduce you to this fabulous product, you can enter the giveaway below. Your prize pack will include the following: 2 packages of the 30 count wipes, samples and coupons. Contest is open from today, until April the 6th.


Cold season really does suck, but if you can get some awesome help to deal with it, that makes life that much easier. Good luck!


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  1. 8

    Christie says

    I love the grape scented ones, but would love to try the new berry scent! These are probably the best invention out there.

  2. 20

    Arianna says

    We LOVE Boogie Wipes! I recommend them left right and center. I always keep a pack or two handy.

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