Toddlers have gross hands

This probably is not news to you, but the germs that can take up residence on my child’s hands at any given moment of the day is terrifying. Jason and I decided early on that we did not want to be the parents that were constantly wiping their kids down with hand sanitizer/wipes, after all a few germs are ok, right? We keep Marley as clean as possible, remind her to wash her hands throughout the day and keep her hands away from her mouth. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to do, she is 3.5 years old after-all.

In the battle the keep the germs at bay, we have tried all sorts of methods to make hand-washing fun, and something she will remember to do on her own. Princess soap. fun colors and scents, but it’s still a battle some days.

I was approached by Mom Central Canada, to see if we wanted to participate in a contest that Lysol Canada is holding on their Facebook page, and I knew it was something we should try out. Have you seen the Lysol no-touch hand soap system? It’s similar to what you may see in a public restroom, a soap dispenser with a built in sensor to dispense the right amount of soap. No more grimy, dirty soap bottles. Plus, for a toddler, that’s a bit of a cool novelty, right? PERFECT!


Lysol is asking their fans to get their kids involved in the battle against germs, and are asking them to decorate their no-touch hand soap dispenser in any way they want. Go nuts, have fun with it and let your creative side come through!

Marley and I received the no-touch hand soap system in silver, and Marley wanted to put sparkly flowers all over it. We had decided to place it in our main floor powder room, to keep it accessible for Marley when she needed it. We headed to our local dollar store, and Marley picked out some white flowers and sparkly ‘diamonds’ that she loved.


Once home, we set up our craft mat, I warmed up my hot-glue gun and we got ready to pretty-up the soap dispenser. Marley loved putting together the flowers, and helping me place them on the machine. She was chattering non-stop about how this was going to be her super special beautiful soap, to make sure her hands are clean all the time. There was a lot of hand gesturing involved, she’s a hand talker, this one.



Once completed, not only was Marley so excited, but I was happy to have a hopeful solution to teaching her proper hygiene. I encourage my Canadian reader to head over to Lysol Canada’s Facebook page, check out the rules of the contest, download a $5 off coupon, and get your kids decorating! Lysol will be giving away mini tablets to winners, with chances to win every day! Good luck!


Disclosure – I am participating in the Kid Who Touches Everything blog tour by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Lysol. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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