Our New Addition: Corbin Elliot

Well, he’s finally here! At 9:42 on Friday, April 19, Corbin Elliot was welcomed to many tears from Mummy and Daddy. He was born via scheduled c-section (which I will be writing a whole blog post about.), and is beautiful and healthy. He weighed in at 9lbs, 2oz of adorable rolls and cheeks, 21 inches in length.


My recovery so far has been incredible, walking around and feeling great, if not a tad sleepy. Corbin is adjusting and settling into our daily life beautifully, and vice versa. I look at him and have a hard time remember life without him.


We are fortunate enough to have Jason home with us for an entire week, and that has been such a blessing. He’s been able to keep Marley entertained and happy, bond with Corbin, and help me physically and mentally adjust to our new life.


Corbin looks so much like Marley when she was born, it’s so funny to look at photos side by side. Since Marley takes after Jason so much, it’s safe to say that we have a little mini Jason on our hands, and I love that. His deposition is so laid back and chill, we haven’t heard him really cry at all yet, and he slept for 5 hours straight last night.


Yes, I did wake up and bolt to his room in a panic, to check on him. Every mom remembers the first time they got a decent stretch of sleep, and woke up freaking out something was wrong, only to find a peacefully sleeping baby. Bliss.


The first few days home were a emotional roller coaster for me. After tucking Marley into bed that first night, I walked over to Jason and burst into sobbing tears over how big, sweet, awesome and perfect she is. Ah, sweet postpartum hormones. Those seem to be settling, I do still get teary seeing her with Corbin, or looking out the window to see Jason and her playing together.


My heart is so full and happy right now, and I know it will only get better. Yes, I’m sure there are going to be rough days/nights as we adjust, but it’s so worth it, so small in the grand scheme of things.

Thank you for all the well wishes over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (follow me there, if you want to see a abundance of newborn squish!). We are truly thankful and appreciative of the love and support.


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    Kristine says

    Congrats guys! I was wondering when your little bundle was going to show up! He’s gorgeous! Love the name too!

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