Spring Is In The Air

As we are slowly rounding the corner, into spring, my spirit soars a little. Every sunshine filled afternoon brings a smile, mounts anticipation for beautiful days spent outside. This winter has been one of the longest and hardest as far as crappy weather goes. We had so much snow dumped on us, piles upon piles, it seemed it would never end. To see peeks of green grass, watch the rabbits emerge to run around, and hear the birds start to chirp? It’s almost comical how happy it all makes me.



This past weekend was so beautiful that Jason started to tackle yard cleanup and garden preparations, and Marley was beside herself excited to get outside and play in the dirt. We have this giant patch of dirt/mud in the back, where the previous owners played with their dog. This place is Marley’s absolute favorite, for such a girly girl, she sure loves to get down and dirty. I love the contrast of her dainty little hands, complete with sparkly bracelets and ring, completely caked in mud, with a giant smile on her face. Marley amazes me every day.



As I was checking my mail yesterday evening, the echo of birds chirping surrounded me, I had to stop and soak that moment in. Spring can be dreary, rainy and grey until things really start blooming, but it’s no coincidence that it’s holding some sentimental value for me right now, as we have 12 days until our newest family member is born. It’s a beautiful, inspiring time right now, and I am so thankful.





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    Spring is the time of year where I have the most silent moments of joy. They are exactly as you described too, just checking the mail and staring off in the distance, enjoying life at that moment. I’m excited for your new addition and hope all is well!

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