3 Months Old

Woah woah woah. I’m going to need a few minutes here, to absorb the fact that Corbin is already 3 months old. I mean, what? To say that these three months have been a blur is a understatement. I feel a touch of sadness thinking about it, because they really have flown by, and a lot of details are pretty fuzzy. I guess this is what happens when you are in survival mode and struggling with even that.


Now that Corbin is becoming more relaxed in his surroundings, it’s easier to get out of the house and enjoy his little personality. He is still a sensitive little guy, and as he learns faces and is more sure of himself, he adjusts to situations easier. He startles easily, and his ‘fall’ or moro reflex is still pretty strong, something I can not wait for him to grow out of. I feel like this is part of his problem in the car, he gets that falling feeling, freaks out and has no one there to comfort him so it just escilates. There have been many times where his reflex is so strong, that it scared me to the point of calling my Dr about it, almost as if he can not bring himself out of that state. It’s scary, but those episodes are becoming fewer and farther apart. THANK ALL THE THINGS.


On that note: he still hates the car. I have tried changing him out of his infant seat and into a Birtax Boulevard (rear facing, obviously), with little to no difference in his demeanor, so he is back in the infant seat for the time being. I have come up with a few ways to keep car freak outs to a minimum: white noise (MP3’s or a couple windows cracked), feeding him approximately 10-15 minutes before getting into the car and timing our trips so that he is just about to go down for a nap. 9 times out of 10, that works, and drives are slowly becoming more pleasant. But when it doesn’t? Oh. It’s truly horrific, nerve shattering, heart racing, skin crawling, awful. I pull over all the time. It’s brutal. I can’t wait for him to (hopefully) grow out of this. It will be really sweet not to have an anxiety attack just thinking about packing my kids into the car.


I will say this, above all else, Corbin is a little love sponge. He snuggles like a champ, adores when Marley is talking/playing with him, lights up when he sees Jason and I, and loves when anyone talks to him. If you are looking at him and engaging him with smiles and chatter, he will give you the hugest gummy baby smile you have ever seen, and talk your ears off. He happily kicks his legs, squeals and smiles so much now, I even managed to get him to laugh a little today, which was truly awesome. Baby giggles could bring world peace, I swear it.


He has managed to inherit my love of sleeping, and is now sleeping 10-12 continuous hours most nights. Yes, I am bragging, no qualms about it. I don’t know exactly what we did to deserve two children who sleep so well at night, so quickly, but it seems to have happened. We have done nothing specific, except stick to a regular night time routine and keep his night quiet and dark. Now if only I could go to bed earlier than 2am myself, things would be great. If it makes you feel better, day time sleep is a whole other story. It seems that he prefers 30 minute cat-naps, over a couple long naps, which makes the days pretty exhausting. All things considered, I will not complain while the sleeping is good.

  • Weight: 15.5lbs
  • Sleeping: Down at 7pm, up around 5am sometimes to nurse, up for the day around 7:30am
  • Eating: He is nursing like a champ, but still eats every 2 hours or so during the day. Making up for all the time he sleeps at night, I think.
  • Favorite Activity: He adores his playmat, talking to his toys. He also loves going for walks outside and the pool.
  • Milestones: He has started rolling tummy to back in the last few days, and is twisting to try from back to tummy, with no success yet. He is now grasping for toys and bringing things to his mouth. His fist is constantly shoved into his mouth. His head and neck control has increased a ton in the last week, he will now go in the jumper for 5-10 minutes at a time and holds himself upright.
  • Firsts: I took him into Nana and Poppa’s pool last week, which he was not sure of at first, but quickly relaxed and really enjoyed himself.



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    Oh Krystal, Corbin is so perfectly beautifully cute and adorable I can’t stand it!!!
    What a gorgeous boy you have!
    My Oliver was the same in the car till about 6 or 7 months. It made going anywhere a nightmare. But he suddenly just grew out of it. Hang in there….

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