I know I’ve been super super quiet on here lately, but we have a ton going on, so I apologize. We are leaving for a 2 week vacation on Friday, and a MAJOR renovation is starting at our house on Monday. New kitchen, walls being removed, laundry room and powder room are being relocated, new windows etc. Needless to say; my house is an absolute bomb and it’s driving me a little batty.

I have lists upon lists of things that need to be done, and so many things running through my head that often I find myself sitting at the kitchen table, staring off into space because I just don’t know where to start. This is all so exciting and awesome, but it’s chaos. I can not WAIT for all of the changes to be done to the house, it’s going to be pretty incredible once it’s finalized.

I know you are thinking it, so yes, I am a tad crazy for taking on a renovation this size while I have a 4 month old. Absolutely nuts.

Oh, and YES that is correct, Corbin will be 4 MOTHS OLD in 3 days. If that doesn’t make you realize how fast time flies, I don’t know what will. To be honest, it’s all such a blur already and I’m looking forward to September when things settle down, Marley starts full-time kindergarten and I can really spend some alone time, bonding with Mr Corbin.

If you are not already, follow me on Instagram for more updates, I’ve been on there quite a bit lately, dropping some pretty cute photos.

But since I am so nice, here are a few of my favorite recent ones:

















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