Capturing The Best Moments: A Review Of Canon EOS Rebel SL1

We’ve all done it: gazed longingly at those beautiful, seemingly perfectly timed baby photos and thought to ourselves ‘Why didn’t I think to take that photo” or “Why don’t my pictures turn out like that?”. Well, I will say that in my experience, capturing beautiful photos of your children come down to a few things: quality of camera, shutter speed, planning and sometimes it’s just pure luck.


corbinCanoncorbin canon 4


When Canon Canada contacted me and asked if I would be interested in working with them, reviewing the EOS Rebel SL1, and their new Facebook app, I happily said yes. Maybe a tad more enthusiastically than needed, but who can blame me? When I first started playing around with photography, in high school, a Canon camera was my very first purchase, and I haven’t looked back since. I have never been disappointed with the quality, nor the performance. Whether you are an amateur, or a professional, Canon really makes an effort to make things easy for you and they succeed beautifully.


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The EOS Rebel SL1 has all sorts of fantastic settings, all of which are easy to use. To be honest, I didn’t even sit down and go over the manual until a few days into my ownership, and that was purely for curiosity sake, and wanting to fine tune a few aspects of my photos. If you have small children, you know exactly how hard it is to capture beautiful, non blurry photos, and the action setting is perfect for just that. From trying to capture a fast moving 1 year old, to nabbing the perfect shot of a gleefully spinning 4 year old in the spring sunshine, this camera is beautiful. Aside from all the great features, it is also very lightweight and much less bulky than most other models out there, making it easy to tote around on every day adventures.


marley canon 2

A fantastic new venture from Canon Canada is their new interactive Facebook App which helps you capture those important milestones in your baby’s first year. It is set up to allow you to pick the age range of your child, choose from a few of the most popular shots at this age, and then explore the tips, pointers and step by step instructions on how to best capture these shots. They give some really great pointers, that even the most amateur photographer can follow, which is really great. With these great tips, and a fantastic camera, you can have professional quality photos of your kids as well. It has been developed with the help of an award winning Canadian photographer, and she gives you fantastic pointers and tips. Please make sure to check out the app, and pass it along to your friends with new babies!


corbin canon 2

A big thank you to Canon Canada for supplying me with the beautiful EOS Rebel SL1. All opinions in this post are my own!


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    Mae says

    I’ve always wanted a Rebel… I wish we’d bought a Canon when we got our first DSLR. Instead we got a Sony and I pretty much hate it.

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