Time Goes By: Canon EOS Rebel SL1

It’s been over 2 months since Canon Canada graciously sent me a EOS Rebel SL1, and I have had lots of time to play around with it and fall even deeper in love. Is that possible with a camera? Yes, yes it is. This camera is hands down, the best entry level DSLR I have had the pleasure of using. Not only that, but it grows beautifully with you, as you learn more and your camera needs expand. Very user friendly and beautiful photos every single time. It’s fantastic, and I really can not rave about it enough.



Because this model is so much more compact and travel friendly than others on the market, I have been able to take it out and about with us on more adventures, without feeling like it was in the way or too bulky. We have traveled to parks, pools, forests, family houses and on tons of walks, and I have been able to test this beauty in every setting possible. From the blooming flowers, to the snoozing kitten, to the exploring toddler, to the blossoming child, I have caught so many beautiful, once in a lifetime photos.



I found a deep love for my 50mm lens, and have taken some of the tips from Canon Canada’s new interactive Facebook App, and applied them to our every day life, in hopes of catching the best photos possible. Just because your family does not include a ‘baby’ anymore, doesn’t mean that you can’t take some tips from the professionals still. I highly recommend taking a browse through the tips they have provided, and taking some time to play with your camera and surroundings.




We have been lucky enough to enjoy an absolutely beautiful summer so far, much deserved after our horrendous winter, so we have been basically living outdoors during the day. Corbin is a man very much on the move, and quite determined to do whatever he wants, while Marley is turning into this beautiful, thoughtful and fun-loving little woman-girl.




Once again, thank you to Canon Canada, for allowing me to capture our family moments with such beauty and clarity, with the EOS Rebel SL1. Please make sure you check out the Facebook App!

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