Keeping Up

My current view: a kitchen counter full of dirty dishes, a fully loaded clean dishwasher, a toy-strewn living room, a dog hair covered floor, smudged windows and 3 loads of laundry that need to be folded and put away.

That’s literally just from where I am sitting, in my kitchen.


I’m struggling a little bit right now, trying to figure out how to keep up to the everyday going-ons of a household, enjoy my final few weeks with just Marley and I, rest my oh so tired pregnant body, spend quality time with my husband, and address the things that need to be done before the baby arrives.

Overwhelmed is a understatement. My body not only hurts, but it’s at a point now where few things are comfortable. Have you ever tried to explain to a 3 year old that you can’t get down on the ground and play dollhouse with her? It’s similar to feeling like the worst human being ever. I am torn between listening to my body and Dr’s orders, and keeping my child happy and my house from turning into a disgusting black hole of mess and clutter. None of which are good for me, emotionally and physically. I simply can not relax or be happy when my house is in total disarray. Of course I can handle a normal amount of chaos, I am not superhuman, but I am a much happier person when things are at least mostly in shape.

Jason has stepped up and been helping out a ton, but the fact is, he still works 40+ hours a week, while I am home all day. There is only so much he can do to help, in the time he has. I try not to nag and pile everything on him, or get frustrated when he doesn’t do something the way I would. But, you know, it happens. We have been pretty diligent with teaching Marley to pick up after herself, and take responsibility for her toys, which has been helpful. I’m even more on top of her now, about picking up here things, and putting them back in the playroom. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m fairly sure I gave birth to a tiny hoarder. The little tiny, inconsequential items she collects and plays with, blow my mind. She has a playroom FULL of toys, but give her a handful of change, a rubber elastic, a bowl, a wooden spoon and a rag? She will keep herself content for an extended period of time, which is awesome, but also means there is a constant littering of random little trinkets all over our house that have no real home. Maddening for someone with my level of OCD, because WHERE DO I PUT THESE THINGS?!

I am trying my hardest. Most days. Other days, I can’t muster the energy or will to even begin. Sometimes a clean load of laundry sits in the basket, waiting to be folded and put away, for a day or three. Some nights we go to bed with the dishwasher waiting to be unloaded, and our sink full of dirty dishes. I am trying to learn to be ok with this, because it’s either that or go crazy trying to keep everything the way I used to be able to. The reality check is simple: our lives are about to be turned around again, schedules will be out the door, there won’t always be time or the energy to keep things perfect. This new little baby is going to require most of my attention, and he deserves that. I have to learn to let it go, know it’s not the end of the world, learn to relax within the chaos of a home filled with my beautiful family. One thing on a time, and just like Dory says “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

Sometimes, it’s just easier and better for all involved, to look around and survey my surroundings, have a internal freak out, shrug and sit on my couch. You know what? I’m learning that that’s ok.


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Sleeping In Style – The Children’s Place Spring 2013

I recently had The Children’s Place reach out to me, asking if Marley and I would like to participate in the launch of their spring 2013 line, specifically the sleepwear. If you have been reading for a bit, you know that Marley is a bit of a fashionista, the girl loves her clothes. She comes by it naturally *ahem*.


So who was I to turn down the fun opportunity to check out some cute and affordable kids clothes?! Marley and I headed to our local The Children’s Place, and sure as a heat seeking missile, Marley bee-lined towards all the cute baby girl (0-3 all the way up to 4T) sleepwear section. The object of her quick and intense desire?


See that mermaid nightgown? She was DETERMINED to get that down, and before I could even reach her, she had asked the sales girl to help her. I had to laugh, because, seriously? I checked out the nightgown, I was also smitten with the cute design, neither too baby-ish or too grown up for a little 3 year old. There are cute ruffle details, a modest length and a quality feel to the fabric. The kicker for me, was spotting the bright yellow tag that is attached to each sleepwear garment, which states the following:

“For child’s safety, garment should fit snugly. This garment is not flame resistant. Loose-fitting garment is more likely to catch fire.”


What does that mean? That means that The Children’s Place has taken the precaution and care not to treat your child’s sleepwear with extra, not necessary, chemicals to fire-proof them. I have been saddened to see many companies lately, doing this, so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that The Children’s Place does not practice this with their clothing.

We checked out the other styles that were on display, a cute array of  styles, fits and designs that I felt would please just about any little girl. As if I needed any more confirmation of that, Marley was ‘ooooohhhh’ and ‘ahhhhhhh’-ing over pretty much all of them. Her eyes landed on another very cute set, this one a 3 piece set that included a matching scrunchie. I mean, COME ON HOW CUTE IS THAT? So we picked up that one as well, since little Miss Marley is quickly growing out of almost all of her clothing.

As we were making our way to the counter to pay for her new jammies, Marley stopped and pulled me over to the baby boy section. What about baby brother? He will need new jammies too, right? So I let Marley pick out a (insanely) cute pair for her soon-to-be brother, as well. There is a little bear on the bum and they couldn’t be cuter if they tried.


OK! New jammies in hand, let’s head to the cash register and pay for these, preferably before Marley rips off the tags and pulls this mermaid nightgown over her existing clothes. She was that exited about them.

But then this caught my eye:


I couldn’t NOT buy it, right? So I did. Then I put mental blinders on, as we exited the store, forcing myself not to look too closely at all the adorable spring clothing that was neatly and brightly displayed all over the store.

We arrived home, and Marley was quick to finish her supper and pull us upstairs for bath time, which ultimately meant NEW JAMMIE TIME.


She was practically vibrating with excitement over this mermaid nightgown, I can’t tell you how cute it was. Ok, it was really cute. I got her all dried off, pulled the new nightgown over her head, and added a pair of sparkly pink leggings (that are also from The Children’s Place!), to make sure she was warm enough. It’s still winter here, snowing as we were getting ready for bed, which I am so sick of BTW.

Marley’s next request: Could I please braid her hair, so that in the morning she would have wavy hair just like her new mermaid friend? The end result was a very happy, proud and pleased Marley, snuggled cozily, safely and stylishly in her bed.




Thanks to The Children’s Place for reaching out to us to try out their products. While they did provide us with the means to purchase the items, the views and opinions are purely our own.

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French Onion Soup

No one was more surprised than I was, when the first time I tried French Onion Soup, I fell in love. You see, for the most part, I HATE onions. I cook with them a lot, because they are the base for so many great recipes, and add great flavor. I love chopping them up, I find that kind of prep work therapeutic. But 9 times out of 10, I will ask for no onions in my food, ESPECIALLY raw ones. Gross.

French Onion Soup was one of those things that I kept seeing people make/eat and always wondered about it. Who doesn’t want all that gooey cheesey goodness? But I simply could not wrap my head around eating a soup compromised mostly of onions. It terrified me, and pretty much made me gag on the spot.

Then I spent some time with my Uncle Pete, and he was pretty famous for his French Onion Soup. We were hanging out one afternoon, and he asked if I wanted to help him make some for dinner. We sliced onions until tears were rolling down our faces, we had a glass (or two) of wine, and chatted while he showed me the tricks to making the best FOS. He was adamant and determined that I give it a try and keep a open mind, he knew I would love it.

So we finally came to the beautiful, aromatic, rich, cheesy, final product, and I had to admit, I was dying to try some. It was calling my name, loud and clear. We all sat around the table, and dug in.

How did I do? I had to put the onion fear out of my head, and just get into it. Boy, did I ever. It was instant love, the balance of flavors and comfort of the whole experience solidified my love for FOS. I am completely picky about it, and usually prefer my own method (that Uncle Pete taught me), and find most restaurant versions disappointing. The recipe he taught me is not fancy, it’s not complicated in any way, but there are some key things to making it a good soup.

Since Uncle Pete passed away this fall, I have made this recipe a few times, and each time I feel his presence with me. I hold that day near and dear to my heart, and thank him for forcing me out of my comfort zone. I will continue to make this for my family, and teach my children how to do it as well. Sometimes the most simple things, really are the best.


  • 6-8 med/large cooking onions
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1 carton (or 4 cups) of beef broth
  • 2 tbsp liquid beef bullion (I use this one)
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 2 tbsp veg oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 package Cesar croutons
  • 2 cups shredded Monterrey jack cheese


  1. THINLY slice the onions. I mean thin. You can use a mandolin to slice, if that is easier.
  2. In a large pot, over medium heat, add the veg oil and butter, until melted.
  3. Add in all of your onions, reducing the heat to med-low. It looks like a TON of onions, but trust me, they go right down. IMG_5833
  4. Stir the onions occasionally, they should be simmering slightly. The key to this step, and the most important IMO, is to let the onions caramelize over low heat, over an hour or so. You do NOT want to burn them, or rush the caramelizing process.
  5. Add in salt and pepper to season, stirring to mix.
  6. Keep an eye on the onions, they will start to brown and get gooey, and that is where you want them to be.
  7. Add in minced garlic, and give another good stir.
  8. Add in the beef bullion liquid, stirring to incorporate. Allow the onions to cook down a bit more.
  9. Once they are good and cooked down, very soft and caramelized, you are ready to go on. You might think they are too ‘mushy’ now, but trust me, it’s perfect. IMG_5834
  10. Add the beef stock to the pot, scraping around the bottom of the pan to get the good stuff into the mixture.
  11. Cover the pot, and let simmer for an hour or so. IMG_5835
  12. Turn your oven on to ‘Broil’.
  13. Using french onion soup bowls (like these. I found mine at the thrift store for $1!), ladle the soup into the bowl, filling to 3/4 full.
  14. Add in a hand full of croutons, on top of the soup. You want to add a single layer, to cover the top. IMG_5836
  15. Cover the remaining top with the cheese.
  16. Place bowls into the oven, on top of a cookie sheet to catch spills.
  17. Heat until the cheese is all melted and bubbly. Keep an eye on it, because the broiler does a quick job of this.
  18. Remove from oven CAREFULLY, they will be HOT. IMG_5838
  19. Give them some time to cool down, as much as you want to dive in asap, or you will burn your mouth off.



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There are more things than I could possibly list off that I am thankful for. I actually sat down and started writing them out to put here, then I realized that it might be a little silly and long. I mean, to sit and reflect quietly by yourself is one thing, it’s nice to be reminded of the things you are grateful for and to take stock of all the positive, beautiful things in your life. To list is all here, isn’t necessary. But I DO have some things that I would be lost without lately, that may not be typical, but have been keeping me fueled.

  1. Heating Pads – I don’t know WHO invented them, but they deserve a big kiss and a cookie. When you are pregnant, and it feels like your lower back/hips/pelvis are going to break apart, they are your BFF.
  2. Puzzles – What else will keep Marley entertained, engaged and happy for a decent amount of time? I’ve never seen a toddler love puzzles so much in my life. I mean, she will sit and do a 50 piece puzzle ALL BY HER SELF.
  3. Water – I can’t seem to drink enough of if lately, I am constantly carrying a refillable bottle with me and chugging the stuff. But my love does not end there, oh no! Hot baths have been a body/mind/soul saver lately as well.
  4. My Job – I bet 99.999% of people would have this on their list, and for obvious reasons, but mine might be a bit different at this time. First off, I love my job and I love the company I work for. What makes me truly grateful for my position and the type of people I work with, is the flexibility and support they provide me with. Being able to work at home, or while mobile, and not having to be in the office on a regular schedule has been saving me a lot of stress and time. Thank you!
  5. Sour Gummi worms/bears – I don’t know what it is about these suckers, but they are magically delicious and I can’t get enough of them.
  6. Channing Tatum – Because, well, obviously.



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31 Weeks Pregnant

As of Monday, I was officially 31weeks pregnant. This means that I officially have 9 weeks to go, 8 before my scheduled c-section.


Single digits now, huh? Part of me is doing the pregnant-belly-jiig, because man am I getting big and uncomfortable and hello! squishy baby! The other part is starting to panic a bit, nerves of the transition, newborn phase, c-section jitters etc.

98% of the time, I am totally excited and feeling prepared, excited, organized and able. That other 2%, I am questioning my memory, making OCD to-do lists and panicking a bit.

The nursery is well on it’s way to being completed. Clothes are being sorted and organized. Cloth diapers and supplies are being gathered, washed and stored. The infant car seat has been pulled out and cleaned down. Yes, I have a few things that still have to be purchased, or done, but we have all the major things covered. My to-do lists are seeming less daunting, much to Jason’s relief.

Like I had planned, and like my body seems to scream at me some days, I am settling down and really starting to take it easy. Physically, my body is quick to tell me when I need a break. Braxton Hicks are abundant and sometimes more intense than I would like. After a long day, my feet and ankles are swollen and my back/hips kill. I’ve started to experience some crazy pelvic and pubic pain, which is totally new to me. This little boy is riding LOW, which Marley never did.

All in all, I feel pretty good now that I am really forcing myself to slow down and take it easy. I’m trying to listen as well as I can to my bod, and give it what it wants and needs.

Lately? It’s been water, chocolate and Granny Smith apples. Not necessarily together, but in that order.

We are in the home stretch, this boy is getting more cramped as he grows bigger and runs out of wiggle room in my little body. But he seems happy and everything is looking healthy so far, and for that I am grateful.

31.5 weeks!

How far along? 31.5 weeks
Baby is the size of a: head of lettuce
Total weight gain: I think I’m close to 20lbs now.
Maternity clothes? Yep. A few things are starting not to fit, mostly with tops being too short.
Stretch marks? Nope! *knock on wood*
Sleep: what is that? Between the heartburn, constant need to pee and the non-stop running of my brain, I hardly sleep.
Best moment this week: Marley is always asking to ‘Snuggle with my brother.’ As she nestles into my belly.
Miss Anything? Not feeling claustrophobic in my clothes.
Movement: Tons of movement, this is a active boy. Lots of limbs moving across my belly, which I hated at first, but have come to love.
Food cravings: water, green apples, chocolate and gummi bears.
Food aversions: Nothing I can think of.
Gender: Mr Man :)
Labor Signs: lots of Braxton Hicks and cramping, but chugging water and relaxing in a warm bath usually makes it stop.
Symptoms: uh everything? I look like I swallowed a basketball.
Belly Button in or out? it’s flattened and stretched right out. Kind of painful, actually.
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Looking forward to: finishing up the nursery and getting organized.

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Daddy & Daughter Sing-a-long

Because is there anything more adorable than your significant other singing ‘Sharon, Lois and Bram’ with your 3 year old?



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What Would You Do With $50,000 Cash? Royale Golden Kittens 50th Anniversary!

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself in possession of $50,ooo right this second?

You know, after you laughed, cried, screamed and did a epic happy dance.

In case you didn’t know, Royale is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, and to celebrate they are giving away $50,ooo and many other awesome prizes. Included in the draws:

  • Samsung TVs
  • Samsung Tablets
  • Samsung Blu-Ray Players
  • Spa-Finder Gift Cards
  • Limited Edition Royale Kittens (plush)
  • A grand prize of $50,000!

To enter to win, and see if you have a instant-win ticket, check the following:

  1.  440 Golden Kitten Tickets, hidden within specially marked Royale bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper towel and dinner napkins.
  2. 60  are located online, at or the Royal Kittens Facebook Page.

Sounds like a pretty awesome deal, right? So let’s dream a little bit here: $50,000 in my pocket. What are my plans for it?

First? Dance. Like super happy dance. $50,oo0?! Who wouldn’t want that? Regardless of your financial situation, that is one heck of a chunk of money to play with. For us, at this moment in our lives, I think we would plan a large family getaway, including our close family and friends. We would look for a really great, all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean, put together a party and offer to take our loved ones away for some R&R.


I would love to hire a giant bus to pick everyone and their luggage up, and make the trip to the airport one to remember with food, drinks and music. Chances are, we would take up most of the airplane, so you can imagine the fun we could have with that. Kids in the back with a movie and their own activities, and games/fun for the adults up front! Once we were at the resort, we would all be in a block of rooms together, oceanfront, steps from the beach.


During the days, the kids could all play together, running in the sun and sand. The adults could relax a little, play volleyball, read on the beach, kick up their feet and soak up the sun. At night, there would be big, fun dinners we had planned out. I’m thinking a fun luau theme night on the beach would be pretty amazing. Great food, hire some authentic live music, set up nice tables for everyone, and let lose for a night. Romantic dinners for the couples, while we took care of the kids for them. One day, we could take a trip to some local ruins or other attraction, soaking up the culture and history around us. The ladies would get spa treatments, while on another afternoon the men get a afternoon of golf or deep sea fishing.

We would all have time to spend together, as a large family together, with our own individual families, with friends, and alone. I would love the opportunity to give my loved ones  IMG_5537 this gift, and $50,000 this very second, would easily allow that. If there is one thing I have learned in my life, it’s that money can only take you so far, and it only goes so far. Would I love to do some renovations to my house? Sure, a couple things would be really awesome. We have a beautiful kitchen, but I can’t help but want to expand it a bit. But to give this kind of time with family, and providing them with the opportunity to get away when they might not normally do so? That’s pretty priceless to me.

So now, I am curious: What would YOU do if you won $50,000 from Royale today? Enter the contest, and let me know your dreams in the comments!

Disclosure – I am participating in the Golden Kittens Blog Tour by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Royale. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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It’s The Little Things.

This past weekend’s theme? Family.

We took some time to soak up some good, quality time with my side of the family to celebrate my little brother’s 9th birthday. Marley adores playing with him, and he is always happy to oblige her silly nature. My Nana and Grandad were over, as well as my Aunt, Uncle and two cousins. My heart always swells a little watching how little Marley turns my 20 year old cousins into gentle giants, and how she can engage my Grandad in a way most of us can’t. Witnessing the bond growing between her and my Nana is enough to bring tears to my eyes sometimes, she meant so much to me growing up, and I am so thankful that Marley has the opportunity to for a great relationship with her as well. Not only was the family time good for my soul, but let’s be honest: Birthdays mean cupcakes. SIGN ME UP.


Today was also a holiday here, so we had some extra time to hang out and accomplish a few things. Jason got the baby’s room all painted, while Marley tried to help. That went just as well as you might expect. Anyone know how to get paint out of a carpet? The good part is, I am in love with the color we chose and so so so happy with it. Now I can really start putting things together for the room, which I am so excited for. I’ve been collecting things, pinning ideas, bookmarking sites. I love this part, making a space for this little baby, something that will be uniquely his, where he will grow and play and turn to for a piece of his own world. So excited!


During the morning, I was invited to the Sears Baby’s Room official launch of OshKosh and carters, which was really fun. I mean, I can’t go wrong with adorable, affordable kids clothes and a great department store I have grown up shopping in. Items are available in most stores, and online. You can check out the website for more info on availability. Sears was generous enough to provide some cute stuff for the baby and a awesome shirt for Marley which proclaims “I’M THE BIG SISTER.”, which she loves.

Once I was home for that venture, I built Marley a fort out of my bed, and we watched a movie, had a snack, practiced her letters and read some books. We enjoyed each other and reveled in our us-ness, which is the best time there is. Doesn’t it seem like those moments slip away so quickly and easily? The days fly, the minutes and hours go and then I look over and my baby girl is sitting in her chair, trying to read on her own. It rocks me to my core some days, I’m so proud and full of love for this little girl. I wanted to soak that in this afternoon, the closeness of my little family and the love we have for each other.


Sometimes, this is all you need; a quiet weekend at home to re-center, re-balance, relax, love on your family and soak up that love they give you. It’s good for the soul, good for your mental state.

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Things Not To Say To a Pregnant Woman

If you have ever been pregnant, you have had the pleasure of experiencing one of the most interesting tests of human behavior out there. What am I talking about? Oh, just the fact that people generally tend to misplace all sense of tact, respect, sensitivity and in some cases, completely lose any filter between the brain and mouth. Shockingly, not all misplaced or rude comments come from people who don’t know better, but also from women who have been pregnant and DO know better, yet for some reason, it still comes out. It’s like verbal diarrhea, there is no stopping the crap from coming out of their mouth.

The best part to hearing these offensive, stupid and rude comments? How are you supposed to respond to them? How long can you possibly be expected to smile politely and laugh things off before it turns into a pregnant rage and/or cry-fest?Do most people not realize that pregnant woman have feelings, too? I’m not jaded enough to think that most of the comments are meant to be hurtful or rude, but why don’t people think before they speak? Sure, some reactions to these may have something to do with overactive hormones, but let me tell you, there is only so many times someone can hear about how big they have gotten, before they are ready to Hulk-Smash everyone. I don’t go around pointing out your regular weight gain, even when it’s increasingly obvious that maybe you should lay off the McDonals and Starbucks, so what is it about my pregnant state that gives you the license to say anything you want to me? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, fine, but why do you feel the need to dump everything you think/feel/experienced on me?


At this point, I am getting frustrated with the comments and exclamations about my size. It’s tiresome to have to explain that, no I am not due any day, yes there is only one baby, and I’m not sure how much bigger I can get. As the days go by, it’s harder and harder not to come back with sarcastic remarks or flat our bitchy-ness. Knowing I am not alone in receiving these kinds of comments, I turned to friends and family to compile a list of things you should never say to a pregnant woman.

  1. “Are you sure there’s just one in there?”
  2. … usually followed by “maybe there is another one hiding and they missed it!”
  3. “Wow, you gained a lot of weight that baby is going to be so healthy…”
  4. “Do you really need maternity clothes? come on, you aren’t going to get THAT fat.”
  5. “Are you allowed to drive?”
  6. “How much weight have you gained?”
  7. “You’re really eating a hot dog? Those are so bad for you!” (sub in cheese, lunch meat, seafood, sushi etc)
  8. “I bet you’re ready for that epidural, aren’t you!?”
  9. “no epidural? Come on, don’t be a hero.”
  10. “yeah, you say you don’t want an epidural. You’re gonna want an epidural. Trust me.”
  11. “How are you feeling?”
  12. “You’re glowing!” meaning “you’re a fat sweaty mess.”
  13. “I like the old fashioned maternity clothes better… These clothes that are so tight on the belly are so indiscreet.”
  14. “You look like you’re going to pop.”
  15. “Do you have heartburn… Oh, I had…”
  17. “You’re carrying high/low/out/big. You’re having a boy/girl.”
  18. “What happened to your boobs?!”
  19. “Get all the sleep you can!”
  20. “Wow, your feet/hands/face/nose/whatever is really swollen!”
  21. “Are you seriously walking like that? Or is that just a pregnant thing?”
  22. “Wow, I guess you’re taking advantage of that ‘eating for two’ concept!”
  23. “Are you sure you want to cut your hair this way? I don’t want you to regret it tomorrow, what with your hormones and all.”
  24. “IS THE BABY KICKING? LET ME FEEL IT!” *hands grab onto your belly, without any consent given.*
  25. “I can’t believe you’ll be pregnant over the summer/winter. HOW MISERABLE.”
  26. “Do you have pickle cravings?”
  27. “Are you sure you aren’t further along than you think?”
  28. “How are you going to make it that far?”
  29. “Should you be out walking? I’d stay close to the hospital if I were you!”
  30. “You are totally going to go into labor early.”
  31. “You’re having a c-section, right?!”
  32. “Why are you having a c-section?!”
  33. “Are you going to breastfeed?”
  34. “If you think you are tired now…”
  35. “Wow six months, really? you look like you are due any day now!”
  36. “You’re having a baby? Wow, I’m not ready for my life to be over like that!”
  37. “That looks really uncomfortable.”
  38. “You must have a ton of stretch marks!”
  39. “So I guess you’ll be disappointed if its another girl? Just think, if you have a boy you’ll have a million dollar family!”
  40. “Was this a planned pregnancy?”

Do you see where I am going here? Filter-less! You may be reading these and be shocked that anyone would say any one of those to another person, but rest assured, they have. I have come to the conclusion that people just feel the need to say something, anything to acknowledge the state of a pregnant woman. So why does it usually come out in the form of something insensitive?

20130217-222836.jpg30 weeks. Yes, I have 10 more to go.

Let me tell you this: My body is currently growing another human being. My body is doing things on it’s own that most people can barely wrap their heads around. My uterus is growing to almost 20+ times it’s regular size, my internal organs are moving to accommodate that. The level of blood in my body has literally doubled. My breasts have tripled in size, already, in preparation to feed another human being. My hip and pelvic bones are shifting, in preparation for birth. In short, my body is working it’s ass off to create this beautiful, perfect, wonderful little human, and you feel the need to point out how big/uncomfortable/tired I look?! I like to think I can go through pregnancy with as much grace and positivity as possible, but some people just make it hard.

All I am asking, is that before you offer your opinion or advice to a pregnant woman, stop and think. My rule of thumb is this: unless there is a baby’s head hanging out of my neither regions, or I bring up the pregnancy first, smile, tell me I look great and wish me all the best.

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